About Zayintec Seeds

©ZAYINTEC is a registered trademark of Zayin Technology SL, company specializing in seed supply, knowledge management, new information technologies and development of technological innovations in the field of plant breeding.

We are known for our constant efforts in innovation, what allow us to offer an advanced technology consulting and high level services for plant breeding to our customers. This is our main guarantee to become the ideal technology partner for a seed business company.

Main objectives of the company

Research and Development

Zayintec stays in a continuous process of innovation with new information technologies and advances in plant breeding. And to stay at the forefront of innovation, knowledge management is essential to human resources by investing in R&D.

Transfer and export

The products obtained by the R & D in our two main business areas are intended for the international market by knowledge transfer and exporting rights of exploitation. The aim of our company is the internationalization of the same distribution agreements or the creation of new local businesses with partners originating in the territory.

ZAYINTEC Seeds - Plant breeding

  • Plant breeding consulting
  • Multiplication of hybrid seeds
  • Development and sale of new varieties
  • Representative for other breeders

ZAYINTEC Seeds - Service of genetic analysis and laboratory

  • Analysis of seed health
  • Tests of germination, purity and germination vigor
  • chromosomal analysis
  • molecular markers
Consulting, new varieties, seed multiplication, breeding services, genetic counseling, development of varieties, germplasm collection, seed Ecommerce, characterization of varieties of plant genetics laboratory, analysis of varietal purity, molecular markers, tomato seeds, pepper seeds, eggplant seeds, cucumber seeds.