Plant breeding services

We are a company with a team of independent plant breeders with ten years experience in the horticultural sector.

Based in Almeria, Spain, Zayintec has an ideal location to do their jobs, being close to the producers and distributors in Spain and Europe, with excellent relations in North Africa and Middle East. We employ the latest information technologies, as well as excellent transportation to maintain a wide network of producers, distributors and breeders around the world.

Zayintec performs the plant breeding of its germplasm bank in geographical areas of high production such as Almeria (Spain), Agadir (Morocco) and Amman (Jordan) trying to help the sector with high productivity and products following the canons of taste, color and shape of the consumers of the Mediterranean market.

In addition, Zayintec also works with other plant breeders from other territories through contractual agreements what allow you to use this network of partners to provide rights of plant species in major international markets.

Plant breeding consulting

  • Technical advice on enhancement of processes and production tasks.
  • Development of R & D projects (nuevas resistencias, mejora de las características organolépticas o fisiológicas de los productos).
  • Advice on professional markets of the horticultural seed sector.

Development of new varieties

  • We develop Horticultural hybrids with the high standards of professional markets.
  • Every year we get about 40 varieties of tomato, 30 of pepper, 20 of cucumber and 12 of eggplant.
  • We transfer these varieties with the sale of marketing rights through royalties.
  • We improve the genetic material of third party companies, to introduce resistances and other characteristics of interest.

Multiplication of hybrid seeds

  • Professional service of multiplication and extraction of seeds to ensure successful, high yields and high product quality.
  • Custom services to our customers, meeting the highest demands and specific requirements to meet demand.
  • The production areas of the company exhibit great potential and we have extended our range of multiplication of seeds.

Representation of independent breeders

  • Advice and guidance to plant breeders.
  • Evaluation of new plant varieties and organization of secure commercial trials protected by contract.
  • Advice and guidance of plant varieties and other forms of intellectual property rights.
  • Negotiation and management of agreements of production licenses.
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