Engineering services

Zayintec designs and develops advanced technological products for the field of plant breeding.

Engineers from different fields combine their experience in order to obtain efficient products using the latest technological advances.

Flower marker

Zayintec engineers work on developing new products that facilitate the tasks of breeders. In this way, it has been designed a new flower marker more functional and ergonomic. Our markers allow marking the pollinated flowers in one quick movement, reducing the operation time and therefore costs.

Flower marker

Mark the crosses in the flowers pollination.


Placement system through a soft gripper for easier and faster hadling.

Type of crop

Cucumber, pepper, melon, watermelon, tomato.


Colors: red, blue, yellow, white, brown, black
Diameter: 14 mm


Units per box: 20,000
Box dimensons: 39x29x26 cm
Box weight: 6.5 kg


Registered design by Zayintec

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