Vegetable genetics services

Zayintec provides specialized services in Molecular Genetics to optimize the plant breeding programs of our projects and customers. To reach this objective, we develop products and services, directly or by means of our partners, for supplying essential tools to the agricultural industry.
We offer a specialized service in genetic analysis and molecular diagnosis, highlighting the following features:


  • Seed health - Our analysis allow to perform different tests to seed packages with the aim of detecting the presence of bacteria transmitted by other seeds, fungus, viruses and nematodes.
  • Seed analysis - We analyze the quality of the seed packages through germination tests, physical purity and vigor. It allows to reduce the losses caused by bad quality seeds.
  • Services are performed to detect viruses, bacteria and fungi transmitted by seeds in each species. According to the standard protocol established by ISF (International Seed Federation) and ISTA (International Seed Testing Association).


  • Analysis of ploidy level by flow cytometry
  • Karyotype analysis
  • Application of FISH / GISH techniques
  • Cytometry ploidy Test - Separation of genotypes with different numbers of chromosomes. Useful for breeding programs where you choose by ploidy levels.
  • Germination Test - Germination tests according to ISTA Protocol, also taking percentages of germination and vigor.
  • Identification and Varietal Purity Test - Differentiation between F1 and out of types (self-pollination, cross pollination, errors in production). We also compared the genotypes of parental lines and progeny at different SNPs and SSRs.
  • Genetic Characterization and Confirmation of Identity - Calculated genetic distances and establishes the relationship between their lines to determine the best crossing facilitates "Marker Assisted Backcrossing" identiifcar features parent in offspring. Distinguish between a control sample and other identity unknown.
  • Varietal Finger-print (identity) - Service giving the unique genetic profile of our range, useful for comparison of lots and lot verification of authenticity.
  • Biological Resistance Test and Agroinoculacion mechanical inoculation.
  • Evaluation of resistance to bacteria and fungi in plant material by mechanical inoculation or Agroinoculacion.


  • Full service genotyping (including extraction) Designed to facilitate the process of Breeding (MAS). We identified homozygous and heterozygous susceptible and resistant. Very useful tool to check resistance and character of its varieties.
  • Marker assisted selection (MAS):
    • MAB (Marker-assisted backcrossing)
    • MARS (Marker-assisted recurrent selection)
  • The use of fingerprints for the protection of breeders' rights in the dissemination of varieties.
  • DNA profiles for varieties identification.
  • Determination of varietal purity in seeds.
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