Code of conduct

A code of conduct is a voluntary document written by a company in which a series of principles that unilaterally agree to follow are set.

TRANSPARENCY: We will ensure that information is available, accesible and understandable.

DIALOGUE: We will listen carefully to diverse points of view and engage in thoughtful dialogue.

SHARING: We will share knowledge to improve agriculture and the environment, to improve crops and help farmers.

RESPECT: We will respect the religious, cultural and ethical concerns of people.

SAFETY: The safety of our employees, our cutomers, consumers, and the environment will be a priority.

A GREAT PLACE TO WORK: Ensuring diversity of people and thought, learning, teamwork and recognition.

INCLUSIVE WORK PLACE: We must treat others fairly, respecting diversity and different ideas. It is prohibited discrimination because of race, color, religion, sex, age, nationality, disability or sexual orientation. It is also prohibited any form of harassment (as verbal, physical or visual).

SECURE WORK ENVIRONMENT: Safe and security are everyone's responsability. A external company is controling the labour risk but if you are aware of any unsafe practice or hazardous conditions it must be reported inmediately. Drugs and alcohol abates our ability to do our work safely. Regarding alcohol good judgment is expected during some Company events.

RESPECT FOR HUMAN RIGHTS: The policy includes commintments on child labor, forced labor, compensation, working ours, violence, freedon of association.

PERSONAL INFORMATION AND PRIVACY: The Company is committed to protecting the personal information of all employees.

PRODUCT INTEGRITY AND QUALITY: We deliver products that meet all legal and contractual requirements.

MARKETING PRACTICES: When marketing of selling our produts we use only fair and ethical tactics. We must never make false statements about the quality and availability of our products not those of our competitors. Commercial bribery is prohibited. A bribe is the giving of anything of value as gifts, payment, services, entertainment of favors in an attempt to obtain business or otherway influence a goverment official's actions.

COMPLIANCE WITH COMPETITIONS LAWS: They are prohibited anti-competitive actions as: price fixing, bid rigging, allocating customers, markets or territories with a competitor, coordinating with others to refuse to deal with a customer.

CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION: Competition laws, intellectual property laws and the laws against misappropiation of trade secrets apply to the way in which we gather information about our competitors.

AVOID CONFLICT OF INTEREST: It occurs when our personal, social, financial, or political interest conflict with those of our company. The exchange of business courtesies such a gifts or offers of entertainment is a common practice between companies and their customers or business partners. To avoid even the apparence of improper favorable treatment, we may give or receive gifts, meals or entertainment with respect to our customers and business partners that are: unsolicited, modest, lawful, tasteful, not cash or cash equivalents.

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